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“SKE” is the abbreviation of “Speed Skier Extreme”, which means “the Speed skier”, the e-cigarette brand SKE, was born in a sea of ice and snow, like a pathfinder full of adventurous spirit and pioneering character.

After experiencing the initial “wild growth”, SKE has gradually stabilized its development after successfully incubating a series of e-cigarettes like “Crystal Bar” that became popular in the vapers’ circle. Facing the uncertainty of the e-cigarette consumer market and the diversified market choices, SKE always embraces the challenges and keeps the original intention. Originating from tobacco, beyond tobacco, to achieve a more interesting and convenient lifestyle of vaping is the ultimate mission of the SKE – a brand of speed skaters.

UKCA Certificate

We are never doubt our life style and We know that every challenge we have encountered is worthy.
Just like speed skater SKE, we are determined to meet the increasing demand of vapers for healthy relief through our own brand of technological innovation and attractive product, and constantly maintaining product innovation and high standards of pursuit, with constantly iterating atomization technology and multi-flavored bio-technology achievements.
Originated from tobacco, beyond tobacco, to achieve the dream of human safety intoxication,which is the ultimate mission of the SKE electronic cigarette brand of speed skaters.

UKCA Certificate

TPD Certificate

TPD Certificate

Every single SKE product is a stage for us to show our philosophy and belief to the world. We hope SKE can bring you inspiration and innovation, meanwhile, seize every joyful moment, and enjoy life!

Easy, comfortable, satisfying, classic, elegant, and innovative are the experience that we want SKE to deliver to our consumers. Meanwhile, we hope SKE can bring something new to your life, be open to seeking the unknown and be brave of embracing the challenges.

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SKE not only firmly adheres to the concept of compliance but also pursues sustainable development, we provide reliable and safe products for consumers and advocate sustainable development practices.

CE Certificate

RoSH Certificate

RoHS Certificate

SKE firmly adheres to the concept of compliance, ensuring every product from SKE is reliable and safe to use.

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We will provide 1 year warranty for all vapes from us, we will send back the replacement to our clients only if they can provide the videos and images to prove that there are some defective in their order.

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1,000 pcs for 1 flavor, and 10 flavors to start.

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