2024 SKE Crystal 4 in1 Prefilled Disposable Vape Pod Kit

SKE Crystal 4 in 1: A Revolutionary High-Quality Vape Kit

The vaping industry has seen numerous innovations, but few are as striking and practical as the SKE Crystal 4 in 1. This high-quality vape kit is designed for both the seasoned vaper and the curious newcomer, offering a versatile and long-lasting experience with up to 2400 puffs. Here’s why the SKE Crystal 4 in 1 stands out in the crowded vape market.

Design and Build

The SKE Crystal 4 in 1 boasts a sleek, compact design that is slightly bulkier than the standard pen-style vape, but it makes up for this with its impressive functionality. The device is not only durable but also attractive, ensuring it looks as good as it performs. Its internal 950mAh battery is rechargeable via the included USB-C cable, making it convenient and efficient.

Innovative Pod System

What truly sets the SKE Crystal 4 in 1 apart is its ingenious pod system. This vape kit can hold up to four 2ml pods at any one time, housed within a cylindrical clip that fits snugly into the device. This design provides a total e-liquid capacity of 8ml, compliant with UK regulations, and allows for a significantly longer vaping duration before needing a refill, extending up to 2400 puffs.

Switching between pods is effortless—simply twist the device to align the arrow with the desired pod and inhale. The active pod is clearly displayed in a viewing window, showing the flavor name for easy identification.

Flavors and Editions

The SKE Crystal 4 in 1 caters to diverse tastes with its variety of pod flavors, available in four distinct editions:


    • Watermelon Ice
    • Watermelon Strawberry
    • Pink Lemonade
    • Melon Berry

    • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
    • Cola Ice
    • Blueberry Raspberries
    • Blueberry Peach

    • Lemon & Lime
    • Blueberry Lime
    • Tropical Mixed
    • Lychee Ice

    • Cherry Ice
    • Fizzy Cherry
    • Strawberry Burst
    • White Peach Razz

Ease of Use

The SKE Crystal 4 in 1 is user-friendly, requiring no settings or buttons. Simply insert up to four pods into the device where they are magnetically secured, and you’re ready to vape. This simplicity, combined with the flexibility of multiple flavors at hand, makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate convenience without sacrificing quality.


The SKE Crystal 4 in 1 is a game-changer in the vaping world, combining innovative design with high performance and convenience. Its ability to store multiple pods and its long-lasting battery make it a perfect companion for vapers on the go. Whether you prefer the refreshing taste of fruit flavors or the classic hit of cola, the SKE Crystal 4 in 1 has something to suit every palate. Embrace the future of vaping with this exceptional device from SKE.

Prefilled Disposable Vape Pod Kit
Prefilled Disposable Vape Pod Kit
Prefilled Disposable Vape Pod Kit
Prefilled Disposable Vape Pod Kit
Prefilled Disposable Vape Pod Kit
Prefilled Disposable Vape Pod Kit


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